Former Porsche 944, BMW 750il V12, R53 Mini Cooper S and Jeep WJ owner. Current E60 535i and Subaru WRX owner. I don't miss the Jeep.
Former Porsche 944, BMW 750il V12, R53 Mini Cooper S and Jeep WJ owner. Current E60 535i and Subaru WRX owner. I don't miss the Jeep.

47 Arrested in Drag Races That Can Reach 100 M.P.H.

2 Teens Charged in Fatal San marino Street Race.

College Teacher Killed in Street Race.

Illustration for article titled Racing will save your Kids.

These are the headlines most parents think of when it comes to their kids and racing of any kind. The fear incarnate from child rearing is all the more intensified when imagining your child screaming down the road at triple digit speeds. I have a solution to keep your kids from racing though, and it’s called... racing.

Hear me out. You see, The WSJ would have you believe that all young people are completely disinterested in cars and The Drive would have you believe that they simply can’t afford them. I’ll tell you the truth though, both are true. Most young people do indeed lack the funds to purchase reliable enjoyable transportation. Additionally, fewer and fewer young people see any reason to stand with the old guard and dedicate thousands of dollars each year towards car payments, upkeep and insurance when they can Uber anywhere they need to go. With all that said, what’s at the root?


Driving is a chore. 

It’s just a means to get you from A to B and therein lies the problem. Have you ever really enjoyed doing the dishes? Ok, well you’re weird. How about cleaning out the cat box? Even weirder but if you don’t get the point now there’s no helping you. We don’t ever work very hard to improve something that we consider a chore. We slog through it and hope we get done asap. Often times we get distracted and lose focus. We zone out. Sound like something we’re worried about kids (Really any person) doing behind the wheel these days?


That’s why racing is such a great idea when it comes to younger ones. It teaches skills in controlling a car at the limit yes, but most importantly it teaches discipline and how easily that control can be lost. Imagine if you will a scenario where your child is on the road but respects it, is focused, and wants to be skillful behind the wheel.

Racing affords all the opportunity to achieve each of those things. For my parents all they needed to do was get a video game. Gran Turismo. My passion was sparked immediately. For others it may take more. A trip to a race. A chance to go enjoy karting. Ride alongs at a local Autocross or Rallycross event. These are all very low cost options that may spark a real passion in them to not just slog through their drive but really appreciate it and strive to be good at it. You’ll be a parent with more peace of mind and we’ll all be safer on the road for it. So teach your kids to race. It may just save their lives.

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